Thursday, October 01, 2009


October sees the fourth and final post on Tom Wright's new book on justification, and (as is appropriate) the draft of a short section on Calvin's treatment of justification which is to appear in the forthcoming book, Calvin at the Centre (OUP, November). Some of this material on Tom Wright's book will reappear in a rather different form in a paper 'Tom Wright and John Calvin on the Imputation of Righteousness', to be published ere long in the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology.

Next month I might have a go at posting some more on imputation, an issue that arises from the Wright book, and of course a central feature of the Reformed understanding of reconciliation and redemption.

Readers who have not already had their fill of Calvin, and Helm on Calvin, might care to look at the Guardian's website, where I have been invited to post a series of eight short pieces on Calvin, one a week, beginning 28th September.

In Taking a Line, to be posted around the middle of October, I intend to have another glance at dynamic equivalence.