Thursday, September 08, 2022

One-sex marriage, a figment of the imagination


Last time we looked at what Jesus, God Incarnate, taught when questioned by Pharisees as to marriage, and later in the conversation, with divorce and with the status of eunuchs, in which he taught there are three kinds of eunuchs, Here, rther lately, are further thoughts.


Two and one 


Jesus seems to have defended his view of marriage by citing Genesis 2 That in itself is important. Human men and women can multiply. His authority is not like a doctor or  an engineer for Jesus Christ was not such , but he is the Incarnate God, in parity with  the Father and the  Holy Spirit, as the opening of the words of the Bible shows, and the opening words of John's Gospel. Moreover, he came to be incarnate in order of the sacrifice for sin, and who will judge us all.

He was God incarnate. A true Christian can use His words are proof of the first couple. ‘Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said ‘ therefore a man shall leave his father  and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh? So they are no longer two but one flesh.’

. (Matthew 19.5-6) flesh. 


 This is expressed by the two havjng ‘knowledge’ Which language of Jesus in Matthew 19. Women are not by made by men…..this there is not two men, but ‘one flesh’ for the couple, Matthew19.5, an expression that recurs with Paul in Ephesian 5…., and the account of Jesus as the Lord of the church, as well as the visit with his disciples at the wedding at Cana. (John  2. 1-12)Such ‘knowledge’ is not purely cognitive, but intimately united. Created ‘in the image of God, male and female he created them. Gen. 1.27.


 ‘Same sex marriage’, is not of a union of male and a female, a man and woman in the thinking about regard themselves’ but of  a man and a woman.


 Among these believers who are currently tempted by same-sex marriage notwithstanding,   being members of ‘mainstream’ churches, the Church England and Baptists or ‘general Baptists’ forming  the Baptist Union are Trinitarians, not rationalists or speculators. But why do they  subscribe? It seems that today the readership of their newspapers are being egged on to ‘same-sex’ marriages because they are popular in ‘culture’ .From the time of the Enlightenment (at least) men and women have reinterpreted the Gospel in harmonisation, the history of this programme forms a sad museum. But in the marriage of the same sex those have destroyed an basic Christian rite, ruined by the morality or immorality of taking in the culture of the day. 


.But the one can play the role of the other, not a contradictory one, but a complementary one. The man and  woman have different physical identity. To deny this is a kind of category mistake. These have physical differences, as the same sex people achieve  Lionel Shriver in her piece in the ‘Good riddance to the Tavistock’ The Spectator, (6 August2022 p.26 ). one flesh is joined together by God the Creator, for the life of their flesh united, and therefore inseparable also as a married couple, a new person in new flesh. As Shriver says ‘Personally, whenever I’m confused about which sex I am, I pull down my pants’. The union of Adam and Eve was a similar one of two similar physically-real partners. Knowledge of Adam 4.1. and later Cain and Abel ch. 4. And again, Seth 4.25f.


It is  extraordinary that people who are Christians come to advocate same sex- marriage when the opposite is both stated so clear in Scripture by their Saviour and  Lord when it is so clearly a male-female union.. The unclothed first pair were quick to ‘know’ each other.  See Gen. 4.1  ‘Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying ‘I have produced a man with the help of the Lord’ (Gen.4.1)

 This intimacy as in marriage until Paul’s teaching, and the Christ as  head of the church in each Christian. 1 Cor.7.17f. See the Song of Solomon. This must also be same a normal marriage.


When Eve is created, she has a body distinctly to that of Adam. Adam when Eve is created, there are different sexes, and experience of intimacy, as does of their different physical shape. One might note that the newly created Eve noted the shape of Adam’s, as different from their which makes their difference in shape. At least he or she is not a ‘partner’ in the elastic, euphemistic, modern sense.


This is by no means a sinless culture from the first couple., of course, as is shown by the first couple’s ‘Fall’, and the character of least one of their children. This should remind us that one important purpose in marriage is the wonder of bringing up children. So marriage is not the result of some loose ‘partnership’, but leads to sexual events of intercourse which normally breed a son or daughter This is expressed by Jesus as the couple of one or more as the couple grow ‘one flesh’. (Matthew 19.6) a child of one parent is equally the other.


Same sex marriage is a dead loss of a Christian marriage from these points.