Sunday, August 30, 2009


The September posts include the third Analysis in which Bishop Tom Wright's latest views on justification are discussed. In it I discuss his charges that the Reformed doctrine of the imputed righteousness of Christ is 'legalistic' and that it fails to brake free of medieval Augustinianism, since it involves the transfer of 'moral righteousness', and is thus a variant of the medieval idea of the transfusion of grace. If the first charge sticks, then Wright must also plead guilty to 'legalism' (whatever exactly that is), and the second charge is based either upon misunderstanding or (as the lawyers say) on bad drafting.

You'll also find a further draft short section from the forthcoming Calvin at the Centre (O.U.P.), 'Providence and Puritanism'

Those who follow the offerings of Helm's Deep may also be interested in a review of Charles Partee's new book on Calvin, and in a short piece on what is usually called 'Definite Atonement'.