Thursday, January 24, 2013


Early next month I shall post the follow-up to Augustine on perseverence and the temporary Christian with a piece on Calvin on the same topic. There are some similarities, but also interesting differences.

Then later in the month, there'll be a further piece on 'gay marriage' and natural law. This raises  in a somewhat different way the problem of how one decides where the contours of the natural law are to be drawn, and whether there is a clear sense in which the natural law can be appealed to in our life in the 'second' kingdom'. Or is the basis of co-operation in this kingdom inevitably much more pragmatic and less principled? 

Quite unconnected with the above, I'm thinking about the strange case of the Banner of Truth's abbreviated and changed version of A. W. Pink's The Sovereignty of God. I'm interested not so much in the fact that entire chapters were omitted from what appears to be a straight reprint, but with the changes that were made to the chapter on human responsibility, and the reasons given  for making these changes. These raise a theological question or two. All being well, a post on this theme will probably be put out in March.